Monday, October 31, 2022

Spiderweb Lollipop Treat


Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I created a quick project for my son to give to his teammates in Cross Country. This reminds me of why I love Halloween. When most of my sons were still in grade school, I always jazz up their Halloween giveaways to their classmates. I created around 60 giveaways for my three sons. So, this project was easy for me to pull through since I only have to create for 9 people.

I pulled out all my Halloween themed patterned paper scraps large enough to fit the spiderweb die from Kat Scrappiness Creepy Crawly die set. I die cut two pieces of each patterned paper. The quickest way to get remove those small negative cuts is to use a Spellbinders Tool n' One. The rolling wire brush helps in popping out those small pieces off the spiderweb die cut.

Temporarily secure two spiderwebs with a tape, making sure the same side of patterned paper is facing each other. Although the spiderwebs are not an exact match when mirrored, the imperfection is very forgiving. Using a circle die large enough for the lollipop, I die cut a circle window on the center of the spiderweb. 

Using the tape as a hinge to maintain the matched spiderwebs, I applied dots of glue to the inner side of the paired spiderwebs. I adhered the two spiderwebs together sandwiching the lollipop in between it. The lollipop is nestled perfectly inside the circle window.

I could have jazz this up some more but I am on a time crunch. My son will be giving it away in a few hours.

This is the fourth time I used the Kat Scrappiness Creepy Crawly die set. Below are the links to my other projects using this die in case you are interested. 
Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day.

I added below a link to the Kat Scrappiness product I used on this card. There will be no additional cost to you should you decide to purchase this product. While you are at the Kat Scrappiness website, do check out their wide array of products especially the exclusive Kat Scrappiness products. 

Maria Giselle B.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Spidery Christmas Card

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Today's card is my third project using the same Kat Scrappiness die. Here are the links to the other two cards I created using the same die set in case you are interested to see it:

You might notice that the two previous cards I created using this die are Halloween themed. As much as spiders are linked to Halloween, I want to extend the use of this die to all year round. How about coming up with a different themed card using this product? 

I created a scene, die cutting the spiderweb on green glittered cardstock. I partially die cut the spider on black cardstock since I want to extend the length of the string holding the spider. I die cut this a second time to layer it behind the first spider for more stability. I added black flocking powder to the spider.

I stamped the ornaments, stars, Santa hat and gifts on white cardstock. I looked through my craft supplies for stamps that I can use for the scene. I colored these with Copic markers. I added details to the gifts with several embossing powders. I used Wow! Mixed Media embossing brush to apply the sticky ink to the ribbons and bows but instead of using the brush, I used a dried up glue pen to apply the sticky ink. In this way, I am able to control the amount of sticky ink I apply on the area. 

I die cut the ornaments, stars and gifts with its coordinating dies. I fussy cut the Santa hat cutting it on the line. I ran a black marker on the sides of the Santa hat to give it a finished look. I added sparkle to the ornaments and stars with a shimmer pen. I added puff to the Santa hat trim using a Mary Uchida Snow marker. 

I created a frame using two nesting rectangular dies. I die cut a frame on a patterned paper, and die cut two more pieces on white cardstock. I adhered the white frames to each other, then adhered this to the back of the patterned paper frame. 

I adhered the glittered web and the stamped gifts to the back of the frame. I adhered this to a white dotted patterned paper. I adhered the spider, tucking the end of the string underneath the glittered web. I traced the mouth of the spider with a white gel pen. I adhered the Santa hat to the top of the spider. And to make this card  a bit interactive, I added googly eyes instead of the die cut eyes. 

For the gift, I have this glittered puffy gift sticker which worked perfectly with the scene. I added glue to the back of the sticker before adhering it.

To complete the feel of Christmas, I adorned the spider web with the die cut colored ornaments. I bet spiders would want to jazz up their webs for special occasions, given a chance. I added Ranger Glossy Accents to the ornaments. I set this aside to dry.

I trimmed a white cardstock at 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". I scored the long side at 4 1/4". I trimmed a Christmas tree patterned paper at 1/2" x 5 1/2". I adhered this to both sides of the front panel. I adhered the scene panel after. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

I added below a link to the Kat Scrappiness product I used on this card. There will be no additional cost to you should you decide to purchase this product. While you are at the Kat Scrappiness website, do check out their wide array of products especially the exclusive Kat Scrappiness products. 

Maria Giselle B.

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Card Sets For AECP Final Challenge-Part 2

Hello! This is the second part of my post on the AECP Final Challenge. If you missed the first part, just go to the previous post to view my creative process and the see the masculine card set version of this card set.

Feminine Cards

Tip: For a large stamp, a stamp positioner will be very useful in re-stamping the image in case you missed a part. The Misti Stamping Tool comes with a magnet to hold the panel in position. A sticky mat is also very useful especially if your technique requires you to do the stamping on the center of the Misti. (Pardon my dirty Misti door. The ink stains speak for itself how much loved and used this tool is in my crafting.)

You can also reverse the process by heat embossing the image first before blending the background, a technique called Emboss Resist. 

Blended Backgrounds

Tip: Don't hesitate to die cut or trim your blended backgrounds. It is a brave move but you would never know what new thing you create unless you give it a try. I die cut a slim rectangle frame on the panel to the left. I trimmed the panel on the right and added a gold trim and an embossed pearl cardstock to it. Don't forget to save those negative sentiment die cuts. This will be used on the next card.

Stamped Backgrounds

Remember those negative cuts from the sentiment die? Luckily, most of it remained stuck to the die. I added small dots of glue to it and adhered it to the card.

Use a pokey tool to push out the letters to the card panel. 

Tip: Mix and match sentiment dies (even stamps!) I partially die cut the word 'so' and added it to the sentiment 'proud of you.'

Stenciling with dies

Spritz ink to the stenciled panel.

The last two cards turned out differently from each other. The card above is from the inked panel on the left, wherein the masked part of the panel is the large floral image. I inked the floral image and stamped it to that un-inked area. I die cut the floral image hoping I could use the negative cut to create a window. But due to its relatively large shape and my small panel, I was not able to create a window panel using the negative cut. I used another window die and created a floral scene. I did not want to put the blended negative cuts to waste so I die cut some confetti using the left-over inked paper and adhered it to this panel to hopefully still tie it in with the rest of the cards in this set. 

Tip: Do not be afraid to perform small surgeries on your stamped image. Just like on the card above, I cut the large stamped image on the center so I can sneak it under the frame.

I die cut several more cardstocks and added it to the back of the embossed image for some dimension to this inked flower.  I also stamped the sentiment directly to the embossed, inked image.

Tip: Stamping on an embossed image or a layered image can be a brave move but with the right tool, a stamp positioner for that matter, will allow you to re-stamp the sentiment a couple of times until you get a crisp impression of the sentiment. At the same time, you can re-stamp the sentiment if you want a darker, bolder sentiment.

For the packaging, anybody recognizing it?

Using a recycled element

If you answered Altenew packaging box, yes, you are right. Most of the time, I will reuse this box to store craft items I am using on a project but my Altenew box was taped up pretty well that I have to use a craft knife to create a slit to open it. The box cannot be closed anymore based on the way I opened it. Instead of dropping it in the recycle bin, what a great opportunity to give it another life but re-create it into a card gift box. 

I cut the top of the packaging box with a craft knife at 13" x 6". I scored this at 1", 6", 7" and 12 1/18". There will be some cracking on the brown side of the cardboard especially if the scored line hit an area where there is a tape adhered on the shiny side. I left the cracked area as is to give it an organic look. You can adhere a strip of kraft cardstock or washi tape to it if you want to cover it up. The cracking does not affect the function of the box.

I created a window on the top of the box by tracing a rectangular die and cutting it out with a craft knife.  

I usually store my stamps and dies in its original clear sleeve but I ripped one of the sleeves while doing this project. I would have taped it on the side to extend its life. But I did not. Instead, I die cut two pieces of rectangles from it, slightly larger than the size of the window on the card box. I adhered this to the inside of the card box using a thin double adhesive tape. 

I lined the window of the card box with a gold washi tape.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed looking through my cards. If you are also in the process of doing your AECP Final Challenge, just take a deep breath. Relax, enjoy! It can be overwhelming. I even call it as my final crafting exam. But the journey is enjoyable. Don't forget to give yourself a tap in the back once you are done.

Tip: Work on one set first before moving on to the second set. In this way, all your crafting supplies are out at the same time, saving you time and resources. Makes you more focused too!

Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

I added below links to the products I used on this card. There will be no additional cost to you should you decide to purchase these product/s. It is just a way to help a crafter out sustain her love for crafting. Thank you for your support!

Maria Giselle B.

Card Sets For AECP Final Challenge-Part 1

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. Today's post is a card-filled and picture-filled post. As early as now, I want to thank you for your time in reading this post, looking at the pictures or even just browsing through. I appreciate your time.

I finished my AECP Level 1 Courses. If you want to see those cards again, just search for AECP on the search bar. I created a total of 9 cards for the course. 

So for this post, I am featuring the Final Challenge of AECP Level 1 which consists of 2 sets of cards. 1 with 6 masculine-themed cards, and another one with 6 feminine-themed cards. Aside from this, I created a gift box for these card sets. Not to forget, I re-purposed an item as part of this challenge. 

The components I chose from the courses are: 

  1. Basic ink blended background technique. This is a fun way of playing with inks, although you don't have to use multiple colored inks for this technique. You can opt for one color only and come up with a faux colored cardstock. Flicking water to a water-based dye ink will add texture to the background. Flick it, let the water sit for a few minutes, then pat it with a dry paper towel after. Step it up by flicking glittered water, watercolor or pearlized water to the background. 
  2. Stamped backgrounds. This technique is a great way to use those small stamps that tend to be forgotten in a stamp set. You can mix and match smaller stamps from different stamp sets to create a customized background panel. Create a pattern, a wreath or just stamp away. 
  3. Stenciling with dies. Stencils are such a rage now. Most stamp sets have coordinating stencils just like the one I used on the feminine card. But how about those stamp sets without a matching stencil? This is when the coordinating die comes in. Although it does not offer the same details as a coordinating stencil, the stencil created with dies can work as masks for ink blending, ink spritzing, stamping or creating a scene. This technique definitely extends the use of a die.
Here are the cards I created & some photos taken during the creation phase. I hope you like it. 

I started with choosing the main stamp sets I will use for these set of cards. For the masculine cards, I am using the Altenew Halftone Stars stamp & Nesting dies. For the feminine cards, I am using the Silk Art stamp & dies. Although I have other Altenew stamps, for the techniques I chose, I am leaning towards a stamp with a coordinating die.


I usually start my creative process with a sketch just to guide me. It sometimes does not work the way I planned it but it helps me a lot.

Tip: If plan A does not work, don't give up! Move away from your work space. Sometimes you get enlightened during your break time as to what you could have done right or what you can do to save the project. When I come back to the project, I usually end up finishing the card.

I choose my main colors. I choose green & blue for the masculine cards, and red, orange, yellow and cream for the feminine cards.

I created cards in pairs using the same component.

Masculine Cards

Blended Backgrounds

Tip: When using this technique, cut your paper a bit larger than the card size you are aiming for.

On this stamp & die sets, if you don't want the white edge created by the die around the stamped image (which you can see on the star on the right), use the next smallest size shaped star to die cut the star, as you can see on the stars on the left.

Tip: If you are having difficulty in embossing large size stamps, stamp the image with a dye ink. Re-stamp the image using a sticky ink. This is when a stamp positioner, like a Misti Stamping Tool, is a big help. Then, add the embossing powder.

Stamped Backgrounds
Test your dye inks if you can do second and third generation stamping with it. This is how you can achieve variation on the design despite using only one colored ink.

Tip: Look through your stash and use stencils to help you create your background. I used a checker board stencil for the card on the left. I used a wreath builder stencil for the card on the right. 

Remember when I said do not give up? I almost did on the card on the right. I was going for a one layer card for these two cards. But when I stamped the sentiment on the card front, it got lost in the busy background. Frustrating, yeah! After all that hard work on the background. After I walked away and came back to it, I covered the first stamped sentiment with a larger sentiment stamped on a blended cardstock, giving this card another life. 

Stenciling with dies

I die cut a stencil vinyl panel to create a custom made stencil. I adhered the whole vinyl panel to the card panel. I removed the background cut, leaving the stars on the cardstock panel. I blended ink around the stars. A masking paper can also be used for this technique. Both materials can be re-used. The advantage with the vinyl is that you can wipe off the inks just like a regular stencil.

Dies can also be used to create windows on a panel.

Tip: Save the negative cuts for a future card.

This is half of my final project featuring the masculine cards I created for the AECP Final Challenge. I hope you visit the next post to view the feminine cards I created and the card packaging I created. 

Thank you! Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

I added below links to the Altenew products I used on this card. There will be no additional cost to you should you decide to purchase these product/s. It is just a way to help a crafter out sustain her love for crafting. Thank you for your support!

Maria Giselle B.