Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mass Produced Digital Image Angel Give-away

The first time I created this project for our DT post, I knew right away that it is something I would want to create to give-away to my Kindergartner's class on their Christmas party. I've started really early coloring the images so I was left with the cutting and detailing during the last weeks before the party. The sad thing is my grade school sons got hit by illness during their last two days of school, making them miss school including their Christmas party.

The details on how to create this ornament are in a previous post as linked here, Digital Image Christmas Ornament. This is easy to re-create with a digital image because you can resize and mirror print the image. Some stamp sets come with mirror images, making this project easy to re-create, or you can do mirror stamping technique.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you all a blessed and brilliant Christmas!

Maria Giselle B.

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