Saturday, December 30, 2017

Paper Rolled Beads Rosary

I made this a while back for my sons who had Living Rosaries as part of their 5th Grade. I made a rosary for each of my son who are now in 6th & 7th grades. They gave their rosaries to their grandparents. Back then, I was using whatever supply I have on hand, without thinking that these rosaries will be given to my parents. The string of my father's rosary broke. I was going to fix it when I visited them last year but I couldn't find an equivalent supply so I brought the beads with me.

I call these beads but it is actually made of paper. When I created this, I chose paper since I am a papercrafter. I searched the net and found templates on how to cut the beads. I created a template using a cardboard and traced this on a patterned paper. After cutting the patterned paper, I rolled the beads using a quilling tool. As I roll the paper, I applied Ranger Multi Matte Medium to the inner side of the patterned paper. I allowed this to dry by sticking a toothpick through the paper bead hole, with the other end stucked to a scrap of styrofoam.

After the paper has dried and shaped into a bead, I applied several coatings of Ranger Multi Medium Gloss to the beads and allowed it to dry in between coating. I thread the beads with a bendable wire until I completed the rosary. Now, it is ready to be returned to my father. Well, I hope the wire I used for this one will last longer since  I heard, my mom's rosary broke, too.

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Maria Giselle B.

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