Thursday, October 28, 2021

Halloween Class Giveaway

Hello! If you have been following me, you know that Halloween is a favorite occasion of mine. This is the first class party of my son and it has been a tradition to jazz up the way his treats are given. Unfortunately, my son is not allowed to bring these Halloween treats to school. I just found out about it after I have made all of it. I should have asked his teacher first before committing to this project. It's alright. He plans to hand it out to his friends that he will be seeing while trick or treating. 

I am using a file from Cricut Design Space called Cauldron Lollipop Holder. There are other amazing lollipop holder cut files but this is the one my son chose for this year's treat holder. My son chose Dumdums for his treat. A bag of Dumdums goes a long way and I did not want to keep the excess lollipops at home. After counting how much lollipops are in the bag and making my son do some math, we have come up with giving two lollipops per kid in his class, granting he will be giving it to them. Since the cut file is designed for a single lollipop, I customized the design to accommodate two lollipops through the window. Instead of a circle window, I used the contour feature to hide the circle. I cut the cauldron as a solid piece and used an oval die to cut the window. I could have edited the image in CDS, attached the oval shape to the cauldron, and had it cut by Cricut to save time.

I also added glow in the dark glitter to the bubbles. Yes, it is messy. Thanks to the Swiffer cloth, the glitter mess seems somewhat manageable. The glow is not as great since I think there is more glitter in the mix than the glow in the dark powder. 

To tie in with the color of the bubbles and to protect the lollipops from the glitter, I wrapped each lollipop with a light blue tissue paper. 

I sealed the cauldron with foam tape to keep the lollipops in place. I added a decorative tape to one of the lollipop sticks for some accent.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a safe Halloween celebration. Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

Maria Giselle B.

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