Sunday, June 21, 2020

Cricut Father's Day Cake Topper

Hello! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. I created this toppers to decorate the cake I bought to celebrate this day for my husband and our fathers, we call Amang (my father) and Pa (my husband's father) respectively. I changed our fathers greetings to how they are called as grandfather by my sons, Lolo (my father) and Daddy-Lo (my husband's father).

Another thing to celebrate for us is the opening of a Filipino bakery here in St. Louis, the Saint Louis Filipino Bread. They sell a Mango and an Ube cake. I opted for the mango since my youngest son loves mangoes, maybe he will like this cake and he will help me eat it since my husband is not a cake eater. 

The cut design is from Cricut Design Space. I modified the cut, slicing off a portion of the sentiment so I can customize it. I was planning to cut the names as well but opted to heat emboss it on the cut out mug. 

The secret to a successful Cricut cut is to make sure the blade is sharp. It sure could have saved me a lot of time, effort and resource if I acknowledged the signs that my blade needs replacement. Other than a warped cut, if your cut image comes off with the rest of the cardstock or paper when you peel if off the mat, that is one sign that the blade needs replacement. Good thing that I have a new blade replacement on hand. 

As for the warped cuts, I decided to use some of these cuts instead of throwing it. I adhered the mug cut out to the back of the same mug cut for added dimension. 

I cut extras of the solid mug so I can sandwiched a stick in between these layers. I wrapped the tips of these sticks with foil before sticking it into the cake. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day! 

Maria Giselle B.

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