Monday, December 7, 2020

Cricut Cut Elf


Hello! I created this for my 8 year old, and we are doing our twisted version of Elf On The Shelf. None of my older kids did this Elf On The Shelf so this is my first time to do this as a parent. My son did not want me to buy an Elf from the store so we did this version of an elf file cut. I made my son choose which elf he wants to cut and he chose these two elves from the Cricut Design Space Miss Kate Cuttables-Merry Christmas.

My son edited the girl elf's hair and socks, changing her hair to pink from brown, and her socks to dark pink from red.

The number of layers and colors of these images can be intimidating. It is designed to use 16 different cardstocks since each shade of color accounts for a different cardstock. To save up a bit, I went through my colored cardstock stash. I pulled out the colors I will be needing regardless if I don't have enough shade of a color. I utilized the snap mat feature so I can maximize the amount of cuts on the scrap cardstock. I did this by transferring an image to another same colored mat. 

The challenge does not end here. Since the cut images have no instructions on the layering order, and since I cut the boy elf and the girl elf at the same time, I relied on the image on the Cricut Design Space to figure out how the layering will be. While doing this process, I realized that I could have cut certain things using a different colored cardstock (which I have a tip on how to fix it which will be mentioned later on). I also figured that there are certain cuts that I will not be using. To prevent cutting images that you might not be using, I suggest that you use the hide feature while you are still in the editing screen. I think this hide feature will also be a good way to know where each cut goes. What I did is lay each layer on top of each other while looking at the image in CDS. Once I am done, I picked up the pile and flipped it upside down so I can start adhering the layers from the bottom layer to the top layer. Using a Press N' Seal to pick up the pile before flipping it upside down is also a good idea on keeping the layers in order.

As I adhere one layer over the other, I added details like inking the edges, doodling on a layer, dry embossing, heat embossing and adding sparkles with a pen. 

Keep the lip negative cut. The color of the lips will be the color of the layer underneath it, in this instance, brown, which is the same color and layer showing through the eyes cut. I wanted the lips to be pink/red so I colored these negative cuts with a marker before piecing it into the opening. 

As I've mentioned previously, there are cuts that I did not like the color. The boy elf's hair was cut together with the other red images. Since I don't want to waste the red hair cut cardstock, I blended a brown ink to it. 

I also suggest cutting several snow banks where the elves are grounded to. Adhere it by stacking one on the back. This will give the legs of the elves more stability. 

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Maria Giselle B.

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  1. Great work. Thank you for joining the challenge at Jan's Digi Stamps. Hope to see you again next time.