Friday, December 12, 2014

Geometric Crystal Gift Box

This has been my third time to give my sons' band teacher a flower pin corsage. Last year, I just handed it to her since I ran out of time to create a box for it. Well, it got lost since it didn't have her name. Learning for last year, I wanted to give her the Daffodil Pin Corsage in a box.

I wanted to try cutting the geometric shapes in the Cricut Pretty Packages. I chose the pentagon crystal box. The manual gives up to how big you can cut the image. I think it was too big for the corsage. I tried cutting it at 3.5 inches in which I can cut the top and bottom portion using a 12x12 card stock. Too small for the corsage. My next cut was 5.5 inches and this time, it was the right size.

To make this box, one has to be mindful of which side will be in the box. It won't be a problem if you are using card stock as long as you cut the top and bottom separately. I chose a patterned paper for the top part of the geometric box. I made the mistake of putting the inner side of the patterned paper up and cut it using the F1 key. I ended up with cuts and folds of the same side. I could have flipped the folds of the card stock piece but I didn't realize that until I was adhering the tabs.

The cut didn't come with tick marks like with previous cartridges. This marks allows you to score and fold the cut image. I think the shift key will make those marks. I have a Cricut Imagine. I am not sure if I lessen the pressure setting and blade level, if it will score and not totally cut. I manually score the cut image, just following the diagram on the manual.

If I followed the instructions at the back, I think it would be very easy to put the box together. Do not adhere the tabs of a cut piece together. The two cut pieces should be adhered together first before forming the box into a geometric shape.

Seeing the box get into form was such a total awe. But since I made the mistake of putting same sides out, I ended up with a side where there is no tab to adhere together to close the box. I just used washi tape to close this sides, sort of an accent to the design.

I was running out of time. So I just presented the gift like this. If I have more time, I would have cut a card stock on top which will serve as a tag for the box. I would also have punched a hole on top and thread through a twine and/or ribbon so it can also serve as an ornament after it got opened. I could also have embellished the box some more to make it more Christmas'y.

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