Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Craft My Stash-Qurantine Cricut Iron On

Hello! For today's Craft My Stash, I am creating something out of my Cricut Iron On.
  • I chose the shirt. I am using Rudy's hand me down hot pink shirt bought from Hobby Lobby.
  • I chose the design from the free images at Cricut Design Space. I was contemplating on this design since it seems that there will be a lot of waste especially on the stars cut.  
  • I chose the Cricut Iron On materials for the design.
I usually precut my materials prior to laying it on the Cricut mat. Since this is an iron on, I remembered to turn the Mirror on. 

I don't have a Cricut EasyPress so I turn to my handy dandy iron to do the job. I set the iron heat to the cotton setting. I covered the design area with another cotton shirt, before putting the iron over it. I applied even pressure, making sure I do this on all the areas with the iron on cut. 

I did one iron on material at a time. Before lifting the clear backing paper, I burnished the design using the Cricut Scraper. I carefully lifted the backing paper. If there is a cut that did not adhere to the shirt, I repeat the process of heating and burnishing again. 

Once I am done with the whole lay out, I lay the cotton shirt on top of the design and placed the iron on top as it cools off. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

Maria Giselle B. 

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