Friday, August 7, 2015

Laundry Reminder Magnets

I follow a pattern when I do my laundry. Call me O-C (obsessive-compulsive) but it is a system that works for me (on top of other systems that I've adapted in my life.) The thing that I always forget is to hang 'line dry' only garments. Each time I make the mistake of machine drying a 'line dry' only garment, I always say to myself, I have to have something to remind me that I need to go through the washed garments before sticking it into the dryer. So, I came up with this. I have an extra printable vinyl magnet that I bought a very long time ago. I don't have a good printer, anyway to use this as it is supposed to be used. 

I tested the magnet first to make sure it will stick to the washing machine. Then, I determined what words I wanted cut out for reminders. I came up with four for now (Line Dry, Bleach, Light, Dark). I measured the total magnet and cut it into four. It came out around 2" x 7" per strip.  I covered the magnets with washi tapes. I ran a brayer to smoothen the lay out of the tape and to make the tape adhere more to the magnet. This project is a good way of using my stash of washi tapes and scrap papers since I used scraps for the letters.

I cut the letters using Cricut Close To My Heart Artiste Cartridge. The letters are cut at 1.8" except for Line Dry which is cut at 1.7". If the letters come out too light for the background washi, I simply ink it with a color matching dye to pop out the letters. I allow this to dry before securing it to the magnet. To keep the letters aligned, I laid the letters on the mat. I placed a Post-it tape on top of the letters to keep the spacing and alignment intact. I flipped this and applied glue to the back side of the letters. I used Ranger Multi Matte Medium to adhere the letters to the magnet. Then, I placed this on top of the washi taped magnet, applied pressure to it before removing the Post-it tape. Using a liquid adhesive, gives you extra time to adjust the letters in case you didn't like its placement. Now, I can attach the magnet sign on top of the washing machine to remind me of what I am currently washing in the washing machine.

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